Summer School n°2: (Eco)toxicology of REE

(Eco)toxicological concepts and approaches.

Physico-chemical properties of REE for bioavailability, ecotoxicity and environmental risk.


Day 1:
--> Sharing of research results by ESRs 5, 8, 9, 12, 13, 14.

Day 1 to 5:
--> Theory lessons (uptake routes of metals by organisms, fate of metals in the environment, confounding factors and bioavailability, mixture toxicity concepts toxicodynamics of REE, Species-specific differences, basic concepts of risk assessment of metals);
--> Practical lab work (bioassays, REE absorption processes); 
--> Field work (sampling methods and how to process environmental samples for ecotoxic measurements) from HAW, UNINA, UNIBA, ULOR and invited experts (e.g. T. Backhaus, University of Gothenburg (Sweden); R. Altenburger, RWTH (Germany), P. Thomas, Environment and Climate Change (Canada) and G. Pagano, UNINA (Italy)).