Summer School n°1: AMD and REE contamination mitigation

Summer School #1 in Lisbon from 23rd MAY till 27th MAY 2022

Management and remediation solutions of AMD in old mining areas (site characterization and effectiveness of treatment systems, re-mediate contaminated water, soils and sediments, defensible plan).

Management of WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment), recycling areas (Practical and legal aspects of WEEE separation plants, legal aspects at national & international level).

Transferable skills: Research skills and communication.

Day 1: Research communications by ESRs 4, 10, 11, 15.

Day 1 to 5:

-->  Theory lessons (AMD origin in old mining areas, monitoring the investigated compartments, modelling, and treatment systems, WEEE recycling from electronics products and dissemination from separation plants (ELECTRAO);

-->  Practical training (team up to work on case studies in view of establishing Business Plans for start-ups in AMD treatment systems and WEEE separation plants with innovative technologies/methodologies) from different beneficiaries (IST, UR1, SCK•CEN, HAW, UNINA) and invited experts (e.g. C.R. Cánovas and M. Olías (UHU));

-->  Short visits: ESR will be hosted by ELECTRAO in their structure and for a WEEE plant visit.


Transferable skills: Effective communication and Project management (EDM, ELECTRAO).

The Summer School will comprise visits to old mining sites with/without AMD treatment systems in Portugal (EDM).

SImplified schedule of the Summer School