ESR6 – Characterizing Rare Earth Elements interactions with Oxide Mineral Surfaces

ESR 6 - Anne Buist

The Early Stage Reasercher (ESR) for this research topic is Anne Buist.

This Early Stage Researcher will be hosted in Synchrotron SOLEIL and supervised by Delphine Vantelon, Camille Rivard and Melanie Davranche.

The point of this research topic is to characterize RRE interactions with Oxide mineral surfaces. This characterisation shall help identify the fate of REE in soil systems.

Three secondments are planned:

  • Empresa de Desenvolvimiento Miniero (one month): Field sampling; 
  • Instituto Superior Técnico (one month): support to field sampling; 
  • Université Rennes 1 (four months): REE-surface modelling;

The researcher will be enrolled in Doctoral degree in Université Paris Saclay.