ESR5 - Anthropogenic REE and Yttrium in mussels and fish from major rivers and lakes in Europe

ESR5 – Keran Zhang – Anthropogenic REE and Yttrium in mussels and fish from major rivers and lakes in Europe

The Early Stage Reasercher (ESR) for this research topic is Keran Zhang.

In terms of my academic background, I have completed a French Technical Degree (IUT) in Biological Engineering with a specialty of Environmental Engineering at Université de Bretagne-Occidentale (UBO). Meanwhile, I have also achieved a bachelor's degree in Earth and Environmental Sciences and a master diploma for "Engineering and Geosciences for the Environment" at Université de Strasbourg (Unistra). 

When it comes to my MSc thesis, its emphasis is on the study of adsorption of REE on goethite by experimental and geochemical modelling. Through this study experience, I have achieved abundant knowledge and competence in the geochemistry of REE. Moreover, I have been more enthusiastic about my career in this domain. 

To be a PhD student in the PANORAMA Project is a good chance for me to develop my personal skills. More importantly, within this ITN project, the cooperation with world-class and highly reputed scientists could also provide me with a broader platform. Besides, the exchange opportunities and the collaboration with other 14 universal PhD candidates could help all of us to gain deeper insights and a better understanding of the topic of REE.

This Early Stage Researcher will be hosted in Jacob University Bremen and will be supervised by Prof. Michael Bau and a PhD comittee including Prof. Susanne Heise, Dr. Dennis Krämer and Prof. Susanne Illenberger.

Working closely with ESR4, the researchers working on this topic of research shall emphasize on the quantification of geogenic and anthropogenic REE and yttrium levels in mussels and fish from major European rivers and lakes as well as the bioavailability of anthropogenic REE in river and lake waters.

Two secondments are planned:

  • Instituto Superior Técnico (two months): sampling and processing of mussels and fish from river systems in the Iberian Peninsula; 
  • HAW Hamburg (three months): REE ecotoxicity.