ESR13 – REE-related toxicity in bauxite ores and residues

ESR 13 - Antonis Brouziotis

The Early Stage Researcher for this research topic is Antonis Brouziotis.

I hold two Master degrees, one in Biology from the University of Ioannina and one in Toxicology, from the University of Thessaly. I have also elaborated internship at the University of Copenhagen, at the University of Karlstad, and at the European Chemicals Agency.

I am keen on research, and my interest is within the field of Environmental Toxicology. I got interested and applied for this position because the toxic effects of REEs on human health and the environment is of major concern nowadays.

I am very excited about joining the team of the PANORAMA project as an Early Stage Researcher investigating the ‘REE-related toxicity of bauxite ores and residues’.

This Early Stage Researcher will be hosted in Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II and will be supervised by Marco Trifuoggi and Giovanni Libralato.

The objective of this research topic is to perform an evaluation of REE content and REE-related toxicity in bauxite residues and in diesel exhaust from roads, diesel repair workshops and in workers’ urine and hair. This ESR project will seek to achieve an unprecedented analytical dataset of REE content in some selected specimens of bauxite ores, bauxite residues and soil collected inside or outside bauxite manufacturing plants.

Soil toxicity will be evaluated and the REE levels in dust collected from urban areas, and in diesel repair workshops shall be verified, along with REE excretion and hair accumulation in DEP-exposed (and unexposed) workers. 

Two secondments are planned:
-    HAW Hamburg (three months) bacterial and fish bioassays; 
-    Università degli Studi di Bari Aldo Moro (two months) plant bioassays.