ESR1 - REE Interactions with organo-mineral colloids as a control of the REE environmental dissemination

ESR 1 - Yasaman Tadayon

The Early Stage Reasercher (ESR) for this research topic is Yasaman Tadayon.

I hold a master degree in Nanotechnology-Nano materials from Shiraz University. I have always been interested in environmental issues which inspired me doing my master thesis focusing on the adsorption of nickel ion from Industrial effluent by two different porous adsorbents.

After graduating, my enthusiasm for doing experimental approaches led me to start my working in laboratory as a post master fellow at Shiraz University. 

I believe that there are many unknown aspects to be examined which can be considered to help preserve and save the environment, therefore working with a perfect team in a world leading University within the PANAROMA Project would be so exciting. In this project I am doing my PhD on the topic of REE interaction with organo-mineral colloids as a control of the REE environmental dissemination.

This Early Stage Researcher will be hosted in Université Rennes 1 and supervised by Melanie Davranche, Julien Gigault and Delphine Vantelon. The research topic serves to characterise and model REE interactions with organo-mineral colloids and use this knowledge to control REE Environmental dissemination.

Four secondments are planned:

  • Synchrothon Soleil (two months):  REE-colloids interaction characterization by spectroscopy;
  • Cordouan Technologies (three months): Colloids characterization, characterization tools development;
  • Empresa de Desenvolvimiento Miniero (one month): Field sampling to test the hypothesis mechanisms;
  • Instituto Superior Técnico (one month): support to field